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Laptop Pro

Custom made specially to cater to the cleaning requirements of Laptops and PC's, most susceptible to the accumulation of dust and often fingerprints.

  • Three in one cleaning system for keyboards and screens
  • On one end is a special non-liquid carbon compound for removing fingerprints
  • On the other end are two brushes to target dust particles
  • The two brushes have unique features to suit the surface that they are designed to clean
  • The thick soft brush swipes off dust and dirt from the screen
  • The thin bristle brush enters the space between keys of the keyboard to reach stubborn dust particles
  • Similar to the ScreenKlean and SmartKlear, the cap sliding mechanism automatically recharges the carbon cleaning pad
  • No liquids, sprays or cloth needed and therefore no mess and no time limit on usage
  • Replacement cleaning pads available contributing to cost effectiveness and less plastic consumption