SmartKlear Pro by Merton Global smartphone cleaner

SmartKlear Pro

SmartKlear Pro has two functions in one – the cleaning pad removes fingerprints and the polishing pad removes dirt and grime

SmartKlear by Merton Global smartphone cleaner


SmartKlear is the perfect pocket sized smartphone accessory with a single cleaning pad for fingerprints

SmartKlear cleaning products by Merton Global smartphone cleaner
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Smartphone Accessories

SmartKlear Pro and SmartKlear

Both devices feature the rugged carbon-impregnated cleaning pad - half the size of the ScreenKlean to cater to cleaning of the smaller screen size.

  • Similar to the ScreenKlean, the cap slides on and off instantly recharging the carbon compound in the cleaning pad
  • Cleaning pads have a long life of up to 300 cleanings
  • Replacement cleaning pads contribute to a green solution and are supplied in packages of two units
  • Slick unit with no expiration date

Before and After Use

The cleaning effect of the SmartKlear Pro : Unlike Tablets, smartphones come into daily contact with facial skin. The SmartKlear Pro's dual function targets residues of hair and make up products in addition to dust and fingerprints.